Thursday, 22 May 2014

Things I Suck At...

There are some things I am just not good at and these are some of them...

Putting on makeup. If I can be bothered to put makeup on at all, which is very rarely, I am like a small child smearing dirt on my face. I really wish I was as good as some of the beauty bloggers I read but I'm just not that confident.

Painting my nails. My nails don't even go past the ends of my fingers which is why I claim that I am rubbish at painting my nails but the fact is that I am just cack handed. If I want them pretty then I have to ask my sister to paint them!

Being a food blogger. The fact is I can't take a picture before I start shoving food in my face. Pictures taken tonight from prove this!! 

Thai Duck Stir Fry and Banana Split Waffle was really good from Giraffes and the fact that I get 25% discount with my student card is also an added bonus. And the food comes out presented better than the pictures above would indicate!

Not being a giant hypocrite. I get really angry at pedestrians who walk in the road and meander about but I am honestly that person. I also get really angry at people who cannot drive but yeah I'm pretty sure I fall in that category.

Handling my alcohol. I am not a good drinker but yeah tonight deserved cocktails. Its been a really long couple of weeks at work and I've been struggling but Mango Lime Daiquiris make things much better. And they were half price!!

Being serious. Which this picture proves....

P.S. I'm as shocked as you that I have two pictures in a row of myself with my eyes open!!!

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