Monday, 19 May 2014

Weekly Wishes #3

It's been quiet around these parts recently due to the most part the fact that we left IT support to my mother who turned the router off and it failed to come back on! Tried it again yesterday by turning off at the plug and back on again and bingo internet.


1. Clean my car - So I grabbed a carrier bag full of crap out of my car but didn't manage to take the biscuit tins and carrier bag of assorted foreign money out of my boot or give my car the hoover and wash it deserved. A wish for another week

2. Update my Blog Love - Due to aforementioned lack of internet this has been another failure. It is something I really need to do

3. Don't cry at work - I am very pleased to say that I have coped. Things have got a bit hairy at some points but I haven't cried. That doesn't mean that there hasn't been a lot of stress and a lot of stress to come


1. Enjoy my Saturday - These two weeks will have been pretty full on and instead of wasting my Saturday watching Homeland, I am actually going to get out and do something, maybe go for a walk and use my camera.

2. Update my Blog Love - A repeat from last week but an important one

3. Clean my car - or get someone else to clean it for me... now there's an idea!

1 comment:

  1. Glad you got your internet back! Good luck on your goals this week. Cleaning cars are usually a struggle for me. It's so easy to push it aside. Do you clean it yourself? Taking your car through the automatic car washes may help! It's speedy and all you gotta do is sit inside your vehicle :)