Sunday, 2 March 2014

Chronicles Begin...Again

Hey my beauties.

Yes I know, I know, it's been a while but yeah sometimes life just gets busy, so lets just start again and pretend this is the first time that I have inundated you with my crazy greetings and get down to an old fashioned introduction.

I'm Toyota, nice to meet you, how do you do and all that jazz.

I will let you into a secret...

I do not have all the answers, my life is not perfect. Shock horror I know but why is it that as a child you assume that as an adult you will have life perfectly in order? You will be married by the age of 20, happily living on a diet of cocktails and salad, jogging with a toddler in a pushchair and a baby strapped to your back to your perfectly white pristine house. 

Or not

I'm single, living with my parents and still eating turkey dinosaurs.

So this blog will be a bit of my life and my struggle for the answers as a twenty something living in the real world in (hopefully) a humorous way.

I work (too much), eat (too much also) and play (hard but not enough) while working my way through a university degree. So come drop by and we will work through the crazy together.

Much love

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