Thursday, 20 March 2014

International Happiness Day

Today is International Happy Day (something I wouldn't have known unless I was on Twitter) and I saw this image on a Jack Will's tweet and absolutely loved it. So today I am going to let you into the things that make me happy.

  • Yes this is a cliche but it's my family and friends that are also going to be top of this list. It's the fact my sister is also my best friend. It's my little brother's cute curly hair. It's the sharing. caring love that they all make me feel.
  • If I see a baby you can pretty much guarantee a smile. If they have chubby little legs and dimples you will literally have to drag me away.
  • I love food. I love looking at pictures of food, I love reading about food, I love eating food, I don't necessarily love what this love does to my body though.
  • On a side note... JELLY BEANS!!
  • Reading makes me happy, well actually it makes me feel a whole shed load of emotions, but the fact that I really enjoy reading makes me happy. 
  • Pinterest - needs no explaining
  • The fact that I am more confident now in who I am than I have ever been. I haven't got all my shit together but I'm not that worried about it. I am working for what I want, working for my own happiness rather than waiting for life to come knocking.
  • Movies - mainly superhero movies as I am massive geek. New Avengers, new Xmen is all coming out soon and I am super excited. Also any film with Jason Statham in.
  • Presents - Yeah I love receiving but my main love is giving. It's the Happy Nothing Days that me and my sister share. It's the random bunch of flowers for my Mum. It's buying your work colleague a chocolate brownie because he's having a bad day.
  • Drinking fruit cider with the sun on your shoulders
  • Road trips singing along to 90's classics and Beyonce
What makes you happy?

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