Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Coughs & Sneezes Spread Diseases

I am currently on the sofa surrounded by tissues, cough sweets and antibiotics while trying to breath (breathing through my mouth makes me cough, breathing through my nose is near on impossible) and feeling sorry for myself. Doctors have diagnosed a chest infection but to me it feels like the plague. 

The only thing getting me through the days (including naps, ice water and painkillers) are:

Blogs: At the moment I can't read a book, my head feels like it is full of cotton wool so anything that requires me to hold a story line is out, but I am loving reading about other people having fun. My main reason to write a blog is because I enjoy reading others so much and I want that so bad, I want someone to actually look forward to reading what I write, smile, maybe even laugh, at my lame jokes. My favourites at the moment are Two Thirds Hazel, How Sweet It Is and Joy the Baker.

Movies: Monday was the Dark Knight, today is Prometheus. I need them to be big and full of action. I feel like one of these people that only watch movies to see someone get punched in the face and for Tom Hardy's muscles rather than the actual story line or to use any brain cells.

Looking at pictures of food: Two of my favourite blogs at the moment are food blogs and I am currently flicking through Good Food magazines. I have no appetite for food at the moment but when I do I have some recipes I would love to try

Things not to do when ill include attempting to go back to work too early, any kind of strenuous brain work (sorry uni work) or weigh yourself as this may result in tears!! Also you may have noticed I have too many mean girl quotations on this blog but in answer to this...

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