Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Midweek Musings

This was meant to be called "Monday Musings" but in the past two days I have worked for 21 hours and slept for 23 hours so yeah that didn't happen. The medicine I am currently taking makes me very sleepy and I really don't like it. It makes me feel like my brain isn't connected to my body (some people would describe this as nothing new). This is what I am blaming for it taking me literally all day to think of the alliterative "Midweek Musings". Every blogger knows that alliteration is your best friend!!

I watched Midsummer Murders yesterday (ok I actually watched 20 minutes before I fell asleep) but seriously how many people can die in a tiny collection of villages before you think that possibly too many murderers live close to you? And if I committed a murder you wouldn't get away with it in Midsummer because they always catch you.

I think I have mild cabin fever. I need to do something other than work, do uni work or sleep but I have so much to do of all three that at the moment that's not really an option. Things I want to do include going to the Natural History Museum in London and do some sewing. Yeah I'm a rockstar!!

I am pretty excited to be taking part in the A-Z challenge. I was hoping to have more scheduled ready for posting but so far I have one!! I am blaming the fact that writing is bloody difficult when your brain literally isn't working to full capacity. I am mainly going to use the next month to tell you some funny stories and have a little rant about things. I wish I had more posts scheduled but the only draft posts I have are ones I'm not sure I'm ready to put out there in the big blog world.

I am currently watching some iguanas fight on tv, it's pretty hardcore, and I kinda want to cry as the loser iguana now has to make a really scary climb and she is going to have a baby soon and life's not fair. Yeah codeine makes me mental!!

I miss the gym - I never thought I would say this but yeah I miss it. I want to go back but breathing really hurts at the moment so not something I am feeling up to.

Also we have a puppy!! I have no pictures on my laptop so you will have to head over to my twitter to get your cute fix

I have no idea how to finish this post but if I don't stop now it will be a full scale novel so laters taters!!

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