Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sunny Southwold

I am very lucky that this beautiful view is literally 5 minutes away from work and today with the beautiful weather I decided to actually take my lunch hour and spend some time drinking hot chocolate and enjoy the sea breeze.

If I hadn't already had dinner planned one of these pies would be in my belly right now!! They looked delicious and will definitely be on the menu at some point this month

This cheeky little beggar came to say hi, (I'm sure he could smell the chocolate brownie I had in my handbag) but as I am absolutely terrified of birds I freaked out a little!

Sorry for the massive photo dump, just had to share my lovely lazy lunch. Sometimes a break is needed from the office to just take a breath of fresh air, realise all that's good in the world and just be grateful for the place you live.

How did you enjoy today's lovely weather?

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