Friday, 28 March 2014

Being a Young Professional

I have been working in my current job for over three years. To start off with I described my job as "semi professional" - mainly because I found it hard to believe at 18 years old I could qualify to have a professional career - however after many conversations I accepted I was a grown up with a real job. 

I didn't think that being a young professional would include:

- Drying my hair under a hand dryer. Popping out to get lunch in a torrential downpour with my new short hair makes me look like I'm one of the members from Take That in the mid 90's trying out the wet look. However these hand dryers do not have a swivel functions so I have to crouch under it.

- Sending smiley faces and sentences with more than one exclamation point in a professional email.

- Answering a colleague's phone and knocking literally everything off her desk with her phone and then proceeding to drop her phone on the floor. This was only made worse by the fact that my boss sits opposite this desk who, after I hung up, just looked at me and said "smooth"

- Being told by a client that I sounded weird and needed to "man up" after explaining I was recovering from a chest infection

But it does, and all these fun and games happened just this week. Yeah I am totally ready for it to be the weekend

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