Friday, 14 March 2014

A Glass Of Water Pretty Please

Does anyone else find it strange when you realise a personality trait that you didn't know you had?

Well tonight I realised I'm passive aggressive. My name is Toyota and I'm addicted to making underhand veiled sarcastic comments. 

Yes I did write this post less than a week ago complaining about veiled digs on Facebook and I still stick by this. I don't do it and hopefully I never will. My problem is that no matter how poor your customer service is, I will be perfectly polite about it and I will even leave you a tip. Take 15 minutes to bring me a glass of water (which I ask for twice!) and while I will complain to my friends about possibly dying of thirst when you bring that much needed water I will still thank you profusely. Be generally rude, have no idea about your own menu, keep touching my glass (which is still half full of the water you took half a lifetime to bring me) while you sort out the bill and my friend will fill in the survey about your customer service being poor but we will run away just in case you see it before we leave!!

Yeah I'm also scared of confrontation. Dammit I'm a mess!!!

1 comment:

  1. I am exactly the same way! I will get annoyed with a waitress/waiter but I will never say it to their face. I just leave a bad tip!