Saturday, 22 March 2014

I Can't Wait for Summer because...

The Daily Tay

I hate wishing my life away and to be honest this winter for me hasn't really been that bad. The weather has been mild and I only crashed my car once because of the ice. But here are some of the reasons I am looking forward to summer:

I want to wear flip flops and summer dresses and not have to wear tights. I can never find a pair of tights without a ladder and finding shoes that go with trousers has been a nightmare.

I have a suprise planned for my sister's birthday. I can't tell you what it is yet as she might read this but seriously guys I am super excited.

Drinking fruit cider in the sun reading a good book sounds like my idea of perfection. It is also considered acceptable to drink during the day - a glass of wine at noon in March - scandalous - a glass of wine at noon in July - normal.

Eating ice cream at the beach will also be acceptable, if not expected. Walks on the beach with my friends little boy will also be enjoyable.

Leaving work when it's dark is super depressing, it feels like you never see a moment of sunlight, so when the lighter evenings come in I will be happy. On a side note who says super in the UK? Me apparently - I even deleted a super from in front of happy - see what the prospect of sun does to me!!

The closer we get to summer the more I am working my way through my Open University Access course and the closer I will be to getting a full degree. It's pretty scary but also really exciting at the same time.

Thanks to Helene In Between and The Daily Tay for reminding me what summer is all about!!

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