Sunday, 23 March 2014

10 Reasons I'm Not Ready to be a Grown Up

First of all can we take one minute to look at this pretty little graphic I made all by myself? I took the picture on my snazzy new camera, uploaded it, added the text and set it at the correct width. I feel like a little blogging genius (I am not)

Last week I turned 22 and I can now officially sing this catchy little Taylor Swift song but here are 10 reasons I am pretty sure I am not ready to be a grown up!

  1. I just attempted to drink a green tea. It was disgusting and I proceeded to pour it down the sink so it seems the £3 I spent on green tea was rather well spent. I thought as a grown up you were meant to like these crazy things and not crave Diet Coke,
  2. I am rubbish at saving money. I wish wish wish that I had saved enough to afford to move out but I am much too frivolous so at the moment I have a wardrobe full of presents for when I move out - at least you can say I am prepared which is grown up right?
  3. I am currently playing Plants vs Zombies on the Xbox and have just ordered Rayman. I have the Sims loaded on my laptop and also play a lot of Temple Run on my phone. I play games instead of doing important things like housework, uni work and general other grown up tasks
  4. I am scared of foods such as blueberries. The actual thought of eating one creeps me out. I will also say that I don't like a food when the truth is I just don't fancy it or I don't want to try it
  5. I have googled "how to make your boss like you". Instead of just getting on with it I thought google might have the answers, it did not!
  6. I do not wear suitable work attire. In high school I got threatened with exclusion because my skirt was too short and I never wore my blazer, well nothing much has changed!! Short skirts are still around but new additions include bright coloured trousers that look a little like pyjamas and floaty maxi dresses while walking around a print factory.
  7. I do not know how to do a good full face of makeup. I still wear too much eye makeup when I go out. I left the emo stage about 6 years ago - this is not acceptable.
  8. I know nothing about cars or taxes or pensions
  9. My favourite type of crisps are in the shape of a bear, I also have recently purchased Turkey Dinosaurs.
  10. I don't even have the concentration span to think of another thing for this list ... which I kinda guess is another reason why I am not an adult
So there you go 10 little reasons why I am not grown up - how do you consider yourself childish?

P.S. I am also taking part in an A - Z challenge for April, if you would like to join in then all the rules are in this link here


  1. Found your blog through the A to Z challenge page. I had to laugh at your reasons...but I reckon in some ways, it's nice to still have the child within you alive and kicking! :)

  2. haha, I still have no idea about taxes, pensions etc. I'm 23 and the majority of the people I went to school with are married and having kids and I'm just yeah, I'm spending my night playing on the Sims and getting excited over game of thrones!
    And the full face of make up thing, pretty sure mine looks bad everyday!