Friday, 4 October 2013

Complimentary Compliments

Why is that most people find it so difficult to accept a compliment?

I think it's because you don't ever want to sound full of yourself but it's often like you think that you don't deserve people to say nice things to you but you know what's more difficult? Giving someone a compliment and having them reject it

"You look really nice today" - "No I don't" Oh ok where am I meant to go with that? 

I have some advice for all you compliment haters, just say thanks. Even if you don't believe that person, even if you think you look like crap, just smile and say thanks and remember it! Because when you are feeling your lowest, you just have to remember the times that someone paid you a compliment and how it made you feel good and then pay that compliment forward. Next time you see someone with a nice outfit on or next time someone comes up with a great idea tell them and pass the love around!!

Compliment my fashion, my blog posts, my inability to be a serious drinker or anything you like and I'll be a happy bunny!!

1 comment:

  1. Reminds me of this video. I have to stop myself rolling my eyes when someone immediately diminishes a compliment I've given them..