Monday, 26 August 2013

Things I Have Learnt This Bank Holiday Weekend

Wasp stings bloody hurt - I know that the general consensus of how to deal with wasps is to stay calm and they will leave you alone, well that would be fine if people around me weren't losing their minds about a striped flying thing that's like 5cm long. Dad hit it with a fly squat in mid flight, it flew under the table and stung the first fleshy thing it could find which happened to be my knee. To say I swore was an understatement and it still really hurts and has gone all red, hot and blotchy... attractive

Working out without eating before hand is bad news - Today was my third day at the gym and because I am not a morning person I didn't eat before I went. Cue me feeling super sick and had really bad cramps in my legs for the whole time on the cross trainer - never again! I also worked out on the rowing machine next to Anthony Ogogo, who if you didn't know is an Olympic Medal winning boxer!! I have no idea how he can row soo fast, it was ridiculous. I then tweeted to this effect and he only bloody retweeted it!! So there I was squealing because an Olympian retweeted me while I ate Belgian waffles!!

Shaping your own eyebrows is relatively easy - Because of my newly lightened hair my eyebrows have become a very strong feature on my face, too strong I think so I decided it was time to get rid of the bushy caterpillars! So I followed this tutorial which was a really helpful way to not overdo the plucking as I don't want them too thin as that would look even more stupid!!

I am jealous of Jenifer Aniston's body - Went to watch "We're the Millers" today with my sister and it was bloody hilarious. She had to cover my mouth at one point as I was laughing too loud, I'm embarrassing like that!! But when I saw Jenifer Aniston's body it was like bloody hell!! I wish I had that body now, let alone when I'm her age, goal in mind!

My name is more of a pain than I ever thought possible - So my mum's friend is an absolute diamond and waited in line and brought me and all my siblings Coca Cola bottles with our names on the labels. However she had to prove that I was a person as it's a brand name so she had to look me up on Facebook to prove that she wasn't trying to advertise another company!!

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  1. Your mum is such a creative woman by the sounds of it, you all have such unique names! Love it x