Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sharing the Blog Love

So this month I'm really trying to grow this little blog of mine (not sure it's working for me, I still only have 16 followers) and I've jumped into the world of sponsorship and guest post.

Firstly I did my first guest post for Kayli @ Kayli Wanders (which you can find here) As soon as she offered free guest spots I was there but not just because I wanted to get more readers but because I love her blog. She is such an adventurer (and too pretty, life isn't fair!) and I love reading about her life. She is a fairly new blogger but her blog is so put together it's crazy!!

I'm sponsoring Autumn @ The Unreal Life. She literally makes me laugh out loud at the stuff she writes and I sit in my little bedroom nodding along to pretty much every post she makes because it totally resonates with my life (apart from the fact she is way cooler than I am)

I'm also sponsoring Amanda @ Living in Another Language who incredibly lives in South Korea and just makes my desire to go travelling to Asia all the more prevalent (and the way life is going at the moment a break is what I need). 

So I kind of just wanted to say thanks girls for having such amazing blogs!! 


  1. You are too sweet. Thank YOU for jumping in and picking me!

  2. Been here! Im trying to grow my blog too....any suggestions for an up and coming blogger?

    1. Hi Bethany, I wish I had the answers but sadly I feel like I'm struggling too. There are just so many great blogs out there, I often wonder why would anyone pick mine. You just have to go out there and connect I guess. Leave as many meaningful comments as you can, join in with discussions and events that take your interest. Twitter is always your friend. Try to say something original but don't worry if someone else has said something similar, only you can be you.