Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What do you do #3

when you feel really lonely?

Ignore it and feel like crap

Unfortunately for this one I really don't have the answer. Feelings of loneliness are the most common thing that gets me down and I don't help myself because when I feel down I hide away. Things have been going on recently that have made me feel extra lonely. It is now nearly longer that I have been apart from my ex boyfriend than we were together and that makes me sad. Time is moving too quickly and at times I feel like my life is passing me by without any achievements. 

I feel like, through no fault of my own, I have lost two people that I considered close friends. Not to say that we aren't friends but at this stage I don't feel like I can trust them with my feelings (if you are one of my friends and you think this is you, it probably isn't, most of you know the story but I'm still too emotional at the moment to go into it in full detail on my little blog)

Hopefully things will get better soon and it's just a lull, in the mean time I'm trying to make myself happy, share moments with friends and family and try not to eat too much food!

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