Thursday, 15 August 2013

5 Reasons I'm Single

1. I'm too honest (hence this post and maybe this whole blog)

2. I'm 99% sure I'm crazy. Talking to a colleague today about how I felt really happy but also on the verge of tears, he proceeded to tell me I was probably bi polar. I told him I would do a Britney because I'm sure I could pull that look off

3. I'm way too sarcastic. Having a heartfelt moment? Well let me ruin that with a big ole dose of sarcasm.

4. I swear like a sailor, actually I probably would make a sailor blush. I cried at my boss last week and then apologised for how many swear words I said in that crazy moment (this and the reason that I am always late is probably why I'm also a bad employee)

5. I love to exaggerate (as you can probably tell from the afore mentioned reasons!!)

And now I know why and so does everyone else, I'm considering proper online dating. I know I said never again in this post here but it's so hard to meet people! What do you think? 

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