Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day

My Dad is very special to me and yes I know that everyone says that but to me its very true. I love him with all my heart and while no one is perfect, I wouldn't change a thing about my relationship with him.

He always finds time for his six children. Six children, I hear you think, that's crazy and yes it is! However mum and dad have both worked very hard to give us the life and love that at times they didn't experience. If I have a problem I know who to go, emotional my mumma, practical my Daddy. He was the person I called when I crashed my car in the ice and held me in his arms while I cried but he was also the person that told me that my boyfriend wasn't worth it when he left me in tears. He would do anything for me and would do anything for my friends too.

He's a joker and he has a rude sense of humour which I share. I also share but he is also a great practical joker too. My favourite joke he has played was when he replaced the tv from the box that our neighbour had delivered to our house with bricks and then when she came and collected it she dropped it on the floor and I couldn't contain myself while my Dad calmly told her the tv would be fine, while she fussed over it. They didn't find it so funny but if you can't laugh then what can you do and that's a great lesson I have learnt from him.

So I just wanted to say Daddy that I love you with all my heart xx

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