Tuesday, 11 June 2013

30 Day Snap # 11 // Where is this month going??

So I hate birds!! Absolutely terrified of them. I hate their eyes and their feathers and their beaks. I hate the way they flap their wings so it figures that my dad now seems to be starting his own bloody aviary. All right, maybe I'm exaggerating, maybe its only 5 geese but I still don't want them near me.

On Friday a man laughed at me because I freaked out that a pigeon flew back towards me and my friend loves to bring up the time we went to a bird of prey show and we had to leave because I had a meltdown. A European Giant Eagle Owl touched my hat when it flew over my head, I knew it was going to happen but the woman said that if you moved the bird would attack you, yeah great!!!

So the little buggers above think its fun to wake me up at 5am in the morning and try to bite the tyres on my car!!

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