Sunday, 2 June 2013

30 Day Snap #2 // Sunday Frolics in the Sun

The weather today has been beautiful so I have spent the day in the garden. In my picture I am lying in my brother's new car taking a picture of the picturesque blue sky. I then took him around the drive as he is now hoping to do a 5 day driving course later on this month. He has never driven before and he didn't stall once which I was super impressed with. We tried to go into second (my drive is quite long and my dad's yard is at the top so there is room to get into second I promise!!!) and nearly ended up in the conifer hedge. I had forgotten how hard it is when you first start to learn to drive to change gear without looking at the gear stick.

Now off to Zaks to eat my partial body weight in curly fries, toodlepip my lovelies

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