Saturday, 22 June 2013

30 Day Snap # 22 // All the Small Things

It's always the little things that make you smile and this cute shopping list that my little brother wrote has me beaming. He is only 5 and he wants to make a cake today so he has written down the ingredients (I told him the letters) but he does that cute thing where he puts his finger down between words to make spaces and giggles when he realises that butter starts with the word "but" (he thinks he's being super rude and I gasp in mock shock that he dares to say such a rude word) Sometimes when you feel like you haven't got much to smile about, its all the small things


  1. Thanks for your comment lady! I'm jealous of your life across the pond too so don't you worry! Want to switch for a little while?

    1. I would love to switch but I don't think my bank account would let me!! But if I do get to live my dream then I will need your advice on the American dream, deal??