Thursday, 27 June 2013

Nobody on the Right Track

So I had a really great bit of advice this week from Mr Nobody (yeah that's still kinda happening/not happening) which was that if you make yourself smile you are much more likely to actually want to smile. I had never considered that I could actually change my emotions, I just kinda thought they happened (which I guess is why I'm an emotional wreck sometimes!!)

 And it's worked. Nothing has changed about my life over the past few days, work has been as stressful as ever, I'm still fat and overtired and unsure of my path in life but I have a much more positive attitude in general. I have stopped being so snappy and grumpy and that can only be a good thing!! Mr Nobody is very blunt and to the point, he knows exactly what he wants and he knows how to get it which I think is a very admirable trait, mainly because I am completely the opposite. Now don't be getting the wrong idea Mr Nobody is still a Nobody, he's really nice and I like talking to him but it's not a relationship, it's just a good thing I guess.

Where's my sunshine???

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