Saturday, 8 June 2013

30 Day Snap # 8 // All snapped out

So I have a serious case of picture block

Is that even a real thing?!?

Every picture I have taken today for today's 30 day snap post I have hated with a passion and deleted with vehemence. And its not like I haven't done anything today. On days where I have literally done nothing other than work, read blogs and watch tv I have found many a suitable photograph subject but today where I have spent all day out and about I have found nothing that I like. I went to Norwich and did some shopping and spent an atrocious amount of money in Topshop on makeup (post to follow tomorrow) and then had a lovely lunch with my friend Spex at Pizza Hut. 

Then me and my friend Debs decided to go out for dinner at the Waveney (I have posted pictures of the food here before) and had a lovely Cajun Chicken burger and we shared a lemon possett for dessert (check out my instagram picture feed - yes I know I could have used that picture on here but I don't want you to think that all I do is take pictures of food!!) After dinner of many giggles and chat, we carried this on over a cup of tea and I felt her baby move!! It was the best feeling ever and I am so excited!

So you have a picture of my laptop while I'm typing my blog post in my pjs snuggled in my duvet (yes I am fully aware that my bedding looks like it should belong in a porno - it has leopard print, satin and suede effect - it wasn't my choice!!!)

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