Sunday, 2 June 2013

It's all about me....

So if you regularly read my blog you will have noticed that it's changed a bit today. I have tried to personalise it a bit more and make it a bit more me, I hope you like it.

I'd really like to get a header bar thing with "home" and "about me" etc. but I don't know how to do it!! So what I'm really hoping is that one of you lovelies will know how and will be able to give me some tips. Yeah I could totally google it but I don't know what they are called and as my IT teacher always used to say Google cannot read your mind, you have to tell it what you want.

So any help, any suggestions, any articles you can push me towards then I would totally love you forever!

Also please keep on checking out my 30 Day Snap pictures, it's not too late to get involved!!!


  1. Babes I think if you go to layout or template you can add a page which is where you can have 'about me' etc :) xxx

  2. Thanks beautiful, hope you are having a fab time, well jel!!! xx