Saturday, 31 January 2015

BlogLove - January

This post about being a slut - it's thought provoking and at times I think maybe a little too crude. But it only tells one side of being a "slut" - the side that's all about emotions and making up for past failed relationships - how about the women who have sex because they enjoy sex? They find the man attractive but know that either a) he isn't what they want in a relationship or b) they don't even want a relationship at this time in their life. Sometimes sex is just about sex for women - exactly the same way it is for men. And that's the reason I really liked this post - because of the opinions and thoughts it brings out of me.

This list of amazing recipes - one word - DELICIOUS!

I love this blog - this girl seriously loves food and I love her! 

Kids, something I am quite happy to admire from afar at the moment, but that doesn't stop me lusting after their cute little expressions and their actions especially in this post here. But then maybe after reading this, umm NO!!

The amount of emails I receive in a day due to work is insane and I know lots of people have decided the most productive way for them to work is buy staying away from emails in the morning - unfortunately I cannot ignore my emails but this post about email makes me feel less alone in the email battle!! 

I really love the sound of this Beautiful Mess course - I'm thinking about it but with my university course starting today and my lack of blogging will it be too much??

So these are some of the blog posts I have been enjoying this month - please feel free to share some blog posts you have enjoyed and share the BlogLove


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My favourite post on Simple Chronicles of Me this month (ok technically last month!) - Wishes for 2015 

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