Monday, 19 January 2015

8 Kitchen Lust Haves

These are my 8 kitchen lust haves at the moment, lust haves rather than must haves because what I really need in my kitchen at the moment is boring stuff like a ladle and a whisk and some decent knives but these are the little pretties that I actually want!!

1) I really want a Bento lunchbox and this one looks really cute. It might mean I actually enjoy making lunches for work rather than the usual sandwiches

2) I love the look of this kitchen timer but as my cooker has an in built one and I have a timer on my phone not really all that necessary

3) So I actually hate drinking through paper straws but these ones are very pretty and who doesn't want looks over substance sometimes (in straws only obviously!)

4) I love using my iPad when I am cooking for both recipes and listening to music but don't so much love the flour or cake mix that I end up getting all over it so I think this would be really useful

5) The idea of cocktail making fills me with glee and the thought of being able to dispense these drinks from this pretty thing makes me beam from ear to ear 

6) Bundt cakes are my new obsession - I have never eaten one or even seen one in real life but my Pinterest board is full of them 

7) Seriously Delish is written by the owner of How Sweet Eats which is one of my favourite food blogs and I really want this book, pretty please someone

8) So this Kitchen Aid mixer is the biggy and at it's price is going to be staying as a lust have for a very long time but it is beautiful 

Do you have any kitchen lust haves? Which one of my picks is your favourite?

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