Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday Spinning

My legs are literally killing me!! Whoever thought that signing up for a spinning class after only having been working out for just over a week is an idiot!

If you have never tried spinning I would actually totally recommend it!! The calories you burn is crazy, a person of my weight doing 45 minutes of spinning can burn approx 700 kcals. The sweat is literally dripping of you within minutes (attractive I know) and you can push yourself as hard as you want. There were times when I thought that I maybe could have gone faster or had a higher resistance but for my first time I really just wanted to get to the end of the class without passing out!!!

It was literally one of the most physically difficult things I have ever done but I feel so good about myself and I think I'll be doing it all again next week. The ladies in the class when I first turned up were very helpful, letting me know how to adjust my bike and making sure that I had water and it was really nice to feel supported. Tomorrow night I have another class, this one is called "Jump Fight Mash Up" and I'm slightly scared!!

Yes this is the same picture from Ginger @ The Gym, I'm being lazy

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