Sunday, 29 September 2013

Independent Women?

I love living in Suffolk, especially when you drive past an old drunk man on a child's bicycle at 10am on a Sunday morning and he then gives you the finger. I have never wanted to run someone over so much in my life!

Sunday is spinning day and I had a really great class today (absolutely knackering but it actually makes me feel like I have accomplished something). Good luck to those people who were completing a four hour spinathon in aid of MENCAP, I struggle through 45 minutes I have no idea how they are going to do it but it's for a really great cause, so well done them!!

Something struck me today during spinning, what the hell happened to independent women? Destiny's Child sang all about being independent, Charlie's Angels kicked arse and in spinning today a group of 10 women couldn't even count down from 8 loud enough to be heard over some moderately loud music. It was faintly embarrassing to be honest. Each woman felt too self conscious to count out loud when they were sweaty and working out in an enclosed room, who was there to judge them? I didn't get it so there I was happily shouting away numbers and when no one else joined did I feel embarrassed? No not really.

I used to be that girl who was too scared to ask anyone anything or speak out but I was sixteen years old. These were beautiful, grown up, successful women and it makes me sad that they were that conscious of their own voice. Luckily the instructor pulled it out of them (mainly by making us continue in low squat which is ridiculously hard when he thought we were too quiet!!) and I hope that experience made them care a bit less, because in all seriousness who cares? And to prove that here is me looking sweaty with no makeup for everyone to see!!!

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