Saturday, 28 September 2013

Bel and Dragon Cookham

I know if I say Cyprus one more time you are probably going to reach through your laptop and slap me but bear with, I will probably only mention it about a million times more and then I'm done I promise. On the Tuesday before we went, my parents drove me and my sister to Cookham which is where my Uncle lives and works. Its a beautiful little place on the Thames and only 30 mins from London so a great little place if not a tad expensive (Want a 2 bedroom semi detached house with a garden the size of a postage stamp? Do you have £750k? No? Then maybe try Lowestoft)

We had a lovely evening meal at the Bel and Dragon on the high street in Cookham and it was one of the tastiest meals I have ever had. The Bel and Dragon is technically a chain restaurant with restaurants in Windsor and Reading but it really doesn't have the feel of one. The decor is immaculate and looks like the interior of one of one of the many pictures I pin on Pinterest (if you don't follow me then check me out here)

The food was really great and the wine was lovely. When I normally drink rose, I have to put lemonade in it as it's too acidic but it was very drinkable (i.e. too drinkable and got a little rowdy). I have lots of rubbish Iphone pictures of absolutely lovely food; I had red pepper soup, roasted chicken and then caramelised peaches with cointreau and raspberry ripple icecream. No wonder I need to go on a diet.

See doesn't it look delicious? My sister had lobster for the first time which as you can imagine ensued in the hilarity of taking pictures with half a lobster shell, you can't take us anywhere!! The tables are all painted in blackboard paint and they have chalks supplied which I think is meant to be for children but also meant that we drew rubbish pictures of hearts and dragonflies and left messages for the waitresses. All in all a fully enjoyable meal!!

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