Friday, 27 September 2013

Goodbye Cyprus

Boohoo holiday is over for this year and I'm sad to see it go! As I write this (2 days ago now :() I am half way through the plane journey back and feeling very uncomfortable. Why are the seats so bloody tiny?!?! I feel like I would fit if I didn't have any arms but I do so I feel like I am constantly in the personal space of the poor bloke next to me.

I also wish I didn't have eardrums, not only for the fact that they really hurt but then I also wouldn't be able to hear the child that has been screaming for the past two hours. I understand that they can't help it, they are kids etc. and I would scream too if I was stuck in the tiny space between someone else's lap and the seat in front but it doesn't make it any more fun to listen to.

Is it just me or did you think that flight attendants were meant to be able to apply makeup well? Not the case for Mandy, the very harrowed looking Thomas Cook attendant. I have never seen so much eyeliner on one person in my life and I went through a stage of being proper emo as a teenager (I had the fringe and everything)

And the flight seems a million times longer than the flight out there. Maybe it's because I'm leaving the sun behind but I feel very grumpy!! I wish I had the superpower where I could just transport to places or be like Harry Potter and be able to Disapparate to hot climates. I mean I know Harry was fighting Voldemort but I really feel like wizards would go on more holidays.

So now I have been back for a little while, I feel ready to embrace Autumn but that doesn't mean I don't miss this view...

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