Thursday, 26 September 2013

Return of the Fatty

So I have taken an unscheduled hiatus from the blog world. To be honest I knew September would be a difficult one with the holiday, holiday preparations, friends leaving for uni, friends leaving to have babies, going to the gym and work but to be honest the main thing holding me back from writing was me. Blogging had become a pressure, a pressure I felt I couldn't live up to. To say I was disappointed in myself is an understatement, I had worked so hard to gain followers, to interact with people, to sponsor blogs I love, to participate in giveaways and start to put money into my little part of the internet and then I gave it all away! Who's going to keep coming if you have nothing to say?

I started to struggle with the fact that no one was commenting, days with minimal page views were bad ones and to be honest I started to doubt myself. It's been a while since I doubted myself but I could feel that all too familiar feeling of confusion creeping up on me. It felt like I was in high school again, not sure where I belonged and caring too much if people liked me. Who was I to put my world on the world wide web and demand that people take note and listen to me? My life is uninteresting. It revolves mainly around food, work and sleep. I don't go to fancy parties, I don't even go out that often, I don't have a boyfriend or anyone that is even remotely interested!

But that's not the reason I do it. I love the comments I get, I love the interaction between people I would never have known existed before, I love writing. I now realise "so what?" So what if I don't blog everyday? So what if someone disagrees with my opinion? So what if I don't lead a busy interesting life? General advice is that your blog must be about something; travelling, makeup, craft, being a mummy but that's not true. I read lots of blogs and not because of what they are for but for the person that wrote them. The blogs I enjoy the most are those with personality and I have bucket loads of that. I have a voice I want to share and a passion for sharing it so no promises, just a desire to write and be me

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