Monday, 2 June 2014

Weekly Wishes #5

I'm a little bit late today as for once I have a life. My best friend has a job interview tomorrow so a pep talk is in order!


1. Go to the gym three times - Three times? How about zero times? Big fat fail!

2. Get back on track with my Open University course - I am still a bit behind but after spending Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evening and all day Saturday beavering my way through my text book I am pretty much all the way through Chartism.

3. Pick a book and stick with it - I have a book and will be reviewing in the next couple of weeks. I like it.


1. Go to the gym - OK so a bit of a downsize wish from last week but you shouldn't run before you walk so I need to get to the gym!

2. Start Game of Thrones Season Two - A wish I am looking forward to. 

3. Do some baking - I have so many recipes on Pinterest and I really would like to make some of them - and yeah cake!

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