Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Friendzone

I read on the internet recently that apparently the worst thing a girl can say when asked if she is with a guy and they aren't an item is to say no. Even if you aren't together, have never been together and have no intention of being together you should always say yes.

I think this is ridiculous!! One of my best friends is a guy, we have been friends since I was thirteen and if I said we were together he would laugh in my face. His lovely girlfriend might also have something to say about our imaginary relationship. He is the person I speak to on the phone most often, he is the person that makes me laugh when I need it most but that doesn't mean we need to be in a relationship together. He is not interested in me and I am not interested in him. 

The friendzone is a load of crap if you ask me. It's an excuse made up by people who are too afraid to tell the person they are interested in what they truly want. And do you know how annoying it is to here you complain about why X, Y or Z doesn't like you? Because you are obviously such an amazing catch if you can't even tell the person that you are supposedly meant to be best of friends that you are interested in them and I don't mean just finding them attractive!

So yes my best friend is a guy and neither of us are in the friendzone. Do you think members of the opposite sex can be just friends?

But if you want to escape the friendzone this article will not help you but it may make you laugh

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